About Epstein Israel

Epstein & Sons is an engineering company, involved in the design and management of building and infrastructure projects.

The company is experienced in a wide range of construction projects, such as housing, office buildings, hotels, industrial complexes, retirement homes, shopping centres, and others.

The company serves the private sector as well as the government sector, and is an approved service provider to most governmental agencies in Israel.

The company was established in Israel in 1969 as a branch of A. Epstein & Sons International from Chicago. The company has been operating in Israel since then as part of the A. Epstein & Sons International group of companies.

The company employs around 70 professionals, operating from its headquarters in Tel Aviv, and its two branches, in Haifa and Beer Sheva.

The company has been authorised by the Israeli Institute of Standards as complying with the ISO 9000 quality standards. The company was the first engineering company operating in Israel in accordance with ISO 9001 in the design field, and ISO 9002 in the management field.


You can learn more about Epstein Israel here - www.epstein.co.il